What makes a luxury watch?

Purchasing a timepiece is a fun and exhilarating experience. We all know that you when you invest in a timepiece you are not just purchasing a watch; you are buying into a brand, their ethos and their story.

At Creux Automatiq we advocate quality and good craftsmanship, and believe there are many factors to consider when purchasing a luxury timepiece.

We want to share with you our top five things to keep top of mind, and hope these pointers help you invest your money wisely.

1. Movement

First and foremost, what makes the watch tick? At the heart of every automatic timepiece lies a meticulously engineered movement. Did you know that the average movement is made up of over 250 individual parts? It is important to consider where the movement is manufactured because you want your piece to be accurate, robust and reliable. It is widely known that the Swiss are the best in the game, after all they’ve had this reputation since the late 17th century! Buying Swiss made will give you confidence because it has been hand built, piece by piece, by some of the most highly regarded watchmakers in the world.

2. Quality Manufacturing & Finishes

The materials used to create a luxury timepiece and the way in which they’re finished contribute significantly to whether it has an eye-catching, high quality look & feel. Steel watches in the luxury category should be formed from high grade, milled steel blocks that are precision cut and then polished by hand. The better the metal underneath, the better the polish and finish can be on the surface. It pays to closely inspect the metal to see how well done the edges are, and also make sure that whatever finish or polish that is on the metal is neatly and evenly applied. Precious metals such as gold, or unique materials such as forged carbon and ceramic can say a lot about its owner’s perceived status or individuality.

3.Dial and Movement Decoration

If you’re purchasing a luxury piece, every little detail matters. Mid-range luxury watches should all have at least some manner of decoration. This can be as simple as a special polished finish on an automatic movement rotor or a textured dial on the face of the watch. These little features help make the watch feel more valuable, and are proof that a great amount of effort went into the little touches. High quality luminents for night visibility such as Super-LuminOva, and double-AR-coated sapphire crystal lenses for transparency are extras that should also be considered.

4. Unique Design

Everyone has their own tastes when it comes to watch design – some prefer a more sporty look, while others love more classic features. We always feel it’s important to “go with your gut”, when choosing a timepiece. This will insure you get the most out of it. Whilst it’s easy to be swayed by what watches are “hot” and what the latest “trends” are, we believe it’s far more important to wear what feels good to you.
Every good brand has their own element of unique design, whether its a particular case shape, a specific movement configuration or even the materials used. When you are spending your hard earned cash on a watch, it’s good to take some of these other elements into consideration.

s Super-LuminOva, and double-AR-coated sapphire crystal lenses for transparency are extras that should also be considered.

5. Brand Pedigree

The final thing to think about when you are buying a luxury watch is the brand pedigree. When we talk about brand pedigree, we’re don’t necessarily mean the most “well known” or “famous” brands. Because the truth is, a lot of our favourite timepieces come from lesser known watchmakers.
What we mean is the story behind the timepiece itself – the reason for its conception. It may have a unique way of displaying time, or a unique designer with a story on how it came to be. In most cases, the brand pedigree is just as important as the brand itself. It is, after all, what we are most likely to talk about to our friends when discussing our favourite pieces.

We’re always keen to help out our VIP’s so if you’d like some guidance with choosing a timepiece, or you have any questions at all we’d love to hear from you. 



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